0169 - AJ Marion

20:32 video

It's studio time for this dancer damsel! I make some high demands of my body, and I want to be able to continue to do so! That means time in the studio for stretching and exercise. I know how much you enjoy watching me and hearing my sounds; so I've set up the camera in what I hope will be some pleasing angles for you. Send me a note and let me know what you think!

I'm wearing reinforced heel open foot tights, a teal leotard, raspberry pink chiffon wrap skirt, and ballet pink wrap sweater. First, I need to get my blood flowing; so I jog in place bringing my heels to my butt, working my calves. I transition to knee lifts and after a while stop and sigh and breathe. Rolling my shoulders individually forward and back. I hug myself and reach. I cross my arms behind my back and press into my chest. I roll my head, my hair falling around my face. I sigh with release, then swoop an arm up and over. I bend at the hips, keeping my back flat as I reach forward, my ass on display. Eventually releasing down to the ground, and over to center. I press my palms into the hardwood floor and shift my hips from side to side. Roll and breathe up.

I adjust my leotard, and proceed to do some squats. First starting in a turned out foot position, then switching to a wide parallel. My breathing becoming slightly more labored by the end. I sigh and bend forward once again. Next up is a deep lunge. I flip my hair out of my face dramatically. Slowly lowering to a knee and leaning into the stretch. I focus my breathing, purposefully pushing the air out between my lips. I raise my foot and twist, reaching back, and let out a little gasp as modify the stretch once more. I close my eyes and moan, very focused on the moment. I transition to my next position, but first take a moment of recovery.

Some butterfly stretching into a frog stretch. I shift around in my frog stretch, leaning forward and pressing back, arching my ass, pointing and flexing my feet, rolling my hips around slightly, cooing and moaning as I move. On my hands, on my elbows. Coming up to a table pose, I alternate between cat and cow stretches, and roll through my body clockwise and counter.

Time for BUTT FLEXING! I alternately flex my ass cheeks to an unheard beat, and playfully lift my skirt for better viewing.

Next up are some seated forward bends with pointed and flexed feet. My right foot and toes are bothering me, so I finger between my toes to work and stretch them individually. I coo as I change the song on my music device, and spread my legs wide. I lean forward with flexed feet, wiggling my toes, trying to relax, sighing through my breaths. I reach to the left and right. Finishing with a seated twist in both directions.

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