0087 - AJ Marion, Serene Isley, & Mr Ogre

15:06 video

It's Friday, and this month I've invited my girlfriend Serene Isley over to spend the night!  We're cuddling a little on the bed in our knee and thigh high socks, and she's asks me if I'm excited about trying rope. 

"I'm very excited." I respond. 

We chit chat about my previous rope experiences with that weirdo Mr. Ogre, who likes to ruin my time with my girlfriends. 

"Well, maybe I should tie you up so you can practice.  You know, just in case." Serene suggests as she runs her hand up and down my thigh.  I think this sounds fantastic, so I, of course, agree.  I swing my legs over the side of the bed, and Serene positions herself behind me, selecting a length of rope.  She gently guides my arms behind me, and begins binding my elbows together tightly.  I remain quiet, but wiggly as she cinches the ropes down. 

"You're very quiet." Serene smiles. 

"I don't want to be distracting..." I grin back at her. 

"Oh, I see.....  I think, it's just going to permanently be a problem." Serene giggles, and I laugh in response, "Why, thank you." 

Serene finishes lashing my elbows together and comments on my not being able to stop her.  She then caresses my breasts and glides her hands across my skin. 

"Why would I want to stop you?" I query and lean back into Serene. 

"I have no idea." she whispers and plays her fingers along my sides, XXXX a gasp from my lips. 

She sits back up, selecting another bundle of rope, "See distraction...."  I have to chuckle. 

Serene coils the rope around my wrists as we discuss how distractions begin.  Then, her task complete, she hooks my bra straps in her fingers and slides the entire garment down, exposing my small breasts.  Serene's fingers circle my nipples, and I coo.  She drags her hands lazily along my back, and curls around me so that she might better see my reactions.  Her fingertips tickle my skin.  Serene leans in, wrapping her arm around my back and her lips around my nipple.  She sucks and flicks her tongue over the pink flesh.  I alternate between watching her and closing my eyes, lost in the sensation.  She lingers on my nipple, and then slides back behind me again.  Serene nibbles on my neck while carressing my breasts. 

Serene picks up yet another piece of rope, and instructs me to cross my legs.  She then begins wrapping the strands around my ankles.  The remainder is then  looped around my waist, pulling me down and forward.  As Serene tries to focus on tying off the waist rope, I decide it's a good time to lean over and kiss her neck.  She pulls her ponytail aside, baring more of her flesh.  I lick, bite, and kiss along the side of her neck towards her eye.  I take her earlobe into my mouth and gently suck.  She finishes securing the rope and picks up a bright red ball gag. 

Serene places the ball gag deep into my mouth and fastens the strap.  She then helps reposition me and drags her finger nails across my stomach and down my back.  I squirm in my fetters.  When suddenly, Mr. Ogre comes running in and grabs Serene from behind, clamping a hand over her mouth! 

I yell at him through my gag.  Mr. Ogre lays Serene facedown on the bed. 

"I was playing with that." Serene chirps after Mr. Ogre removes his hand. 

As Mr. Ogre ties her up, Serene attempts to strike some sort of a deal with him. 

"You can watch!  It'll be fine." Serene assures him. 

"Not nearly as much fun as participating...."Mr. Ogre scoffs. 

I struggle and writhe in my bonds, unable to help my friend.  Mr. Ogre glues Serene's elbows together.  He then retrieves a large, black ball gag. 

"Ready?...One...Two...OPEN YOUR MOUTH!" as he pushes the gag between Serene's lips into her mouth. 

Mr. Ogre then manuvers the two of us sitting up, back to front.  "Now, you can't really play with each other." 

Serene and I giggle in response as with the knowledge that my hands are firmly between her legs.  Mr. Ogre tethers our torsos together.  Then, he moves to bind Serene's legs around me.  We look up at him wide eyed, cheek to cheek.  While he ties Serene's ankles, I kick at him and try to shove him with my leg.  My futile attempts to hinder him only prove to annoy Mr. Ogre and eventually end in him pinching me hard.  I scream and thrash. 

Satisfied with his work, Mr. Ogre leaves us bound on the bed together. 

"Bring her back.  I like her!" he says as parting words. 

"I like her too!" I mumble in reply. 

"Really?" Serene pipes in. 

I nod.  Stuck in our predicament, we decide to make the most of it.  We play on the bed in our ropes, giggling and cooing.  Serene showers me with gagged kisses.  Our wriggling causes us to fall over onto our sides.  We whimper and moan past our gags as well writhe our bindings.

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