0060 - Sensual Sequin Dress Struggle - AJ Marion

17:19 video

Partially bound in a short sequin dress, I am brought into the room and presented, showing off the blue ropes encircling my torso and arms. I am guided to sit on the couch, my legs lifted and stretched across the cushion. I lay back on my arms and raise my legs skyward, playfully kicking. Ben returns and wraps a length of rope around my ankles. I watch him and absentmindedly rock, gently feeling my bonds, and whip my hair around and out of my face. Once secured, he leaves me to enjoy myself.

I immediately reposition my body, sliding my ass to the edge of the sofa. I shift my legs back and forth and shimmy my shoulders, stretching out my arms behind me. Leaning back on my elbows, I raise my legs high in the air, further exposing the control top of my pantyhose. I work my ankle rope, twisting and rotating my feet eventually reaching a crossed position. Bringing my legs down and tucking them, I writhe on the cushions feeling the fibers pressing into the flesh of my arms. I wriggle and twist, testing my maneuverability, and just enjoying my bondage.

Briefly standing only to hop back onto my knees, I miscalculate and find myself flopped into the corner of the couch! A giggle trickles through my gag and joy fills my eyes. Pulling myself back up onto my knees, I lean against the sofa back squirming, my dress creeping up my hips. I slide down, stretching my body out across the cushions, and writhing on my back. My high heels squeeking as they rub together.

Eventually making my way to the floor, I inch around on my knees and toes. I bend and shimmy and squirm causing my bonds to shift and cut in various ways. With my chest on the cushions and dress bunched around my waist, I wave my ass around and roll my hips. Never one to stay put for long, I find my way completely to the floor and prop my feet up momentarily.

Ben reenters and removes the ropes from my legs. He pops me up to my feet effortlessly and directs me to lay on my stomach. I'm then dragged into position. Finding this particularly amusing, I can't help but vocalize. I cross my ankles and lift my ass into the air awaiting the rope. As my left ankle is cuffed, I continue my wriggling. My ankle and foot are firmly attached to my wrists. I am flipped to lay on my back, my arms, foot, and leg pinned beneath me. My movement limited, my positioning strained, I moan and breathe, turning my focus somewhat inward as my right thigh is drawn towards and attached to my chest harness. His work complete, Ben leaves me once more to explore my restraints.

Left teetering on the edge, I quickly roll over into a position half on and half off the couch. With essentially only my right foot to maneuver, I try to reposition myself, but am barely able to adjust at all. My whimpers and grunts come almost constantly as I attempt to manipulate my body in it's predicament.



Keywords: consensual, bondage, rope, tape gag, high heels, pantyhose

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