0058 - AJ Marion

12:05 video

As a dancer and bondage bunny, I am constantly working to maintain and increase my flexibility.  What better way to develop that than with bondage flexibility training sessions!

For this session, I find myself stretched and spread on a wooden workbench.  Rope encircling my ankles pulls my legs back and apart, leaving me uncomfortable and exposed.  The cuffs securing my wrists hold me down and forward.  My maneuverability significantly impaired, I swing my long legs side to side from the hips.  I flex and point my feet, wiggling my toes, attempting to gain even the slightest relief at the tiniest of adjustments.  Moans and gasps pour from my lips as I endure my affair.  Writhing in my restraints, I pendulum my legs pursuing a pause in the relentless wrenching of my groin.  I lay back, closing my eyes, bringing my focus inward.  My lips pursed as I audibly exhale.  My chest heaves with the breaths and my effort.

After a time, Ben enters and fills my mouth with a bright red ballgag.  My predicament continues and the squirming increases in frequency until I am constantly wriggling some small part of me.


Keywords: leotard, bare legs, wrinkled soles, barefoot, consensual

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