0045 - AJ Marion & Whitney Morgan

12:21 video

Oh dear!  It seems I've upset Ms Whitney Morgan by being a better dancer than her little sister, and she's decided to take matters into her own hands.  I'm XXXX into the room, walking on my knees, my maroon legwarmers little protection from the hard wood floor.  The intense grinding on my bones too much to bare, I manage to get my barefeet beneath me, duck walking on the balls of my feet.  Whitney hooks an arm under my back and around one bound leg and hoists me onto the couch with a grunt.

I wriggle and roll around as Whitney explains why I find myself in this situation.  I grunt and whine through my mouth stuffing and vetwrap gag.  Whitney continues to taunt me and rant, running her hands over my lithe body.  Fed up with my muffled interjections to her tirading, she leaves me to struggle.

I wiggle my toes and writhe around, squealing into my gag.  With electrical tape encircling my legs and arms, I lift and flex, pushing my ass into the air.  This only serves to cause my leotard to climb further up my rump.  My mobility modified, I eventually manage to sit up.  I press into the couch arching my back.  Having worked my butt the to edge, I tentatively slide a knee down to the floor.  My chest against the couch and my backside on display, struggle and squirm.  I claw at the leg lashing.  Nothing I try seems to bring release.

Ms Whitney Morgan returns displeased with my attempts at freeing myself.  Determined to keep me captive until the completion of the audition, she winds more electrical tape around my legs, pressing them firmly together.  Additional tape is also added around my head over the vetwrap.  Pleased with my predicament, she exits.

I shift my bound legs back and forth, little other movement left to me.  I kick my feet and wiggle my toes.  I shimmy my body side to side as I press up on my hands and the balls of my feet.  Tucking my legs beneath me, I am XXXX into a kneeling position.  I bend and straighten my elbows, lifting my arms into the air, but nothing seems to help.  I half maneuver half slip back onto the hardwood onto my belly; my nipples displeased with the surface and catching on every minute crack as I slide around.


Keywords: electrical tape, bondage, damsel in distress, vetwrap gag, leotard, legwarmers, barefoot, bare legs, barefeet

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