0020 - AJ Marion & Jasmine Valley

19:37 video

What could possibly be better than seeing a beautiful woman tied up in an uncomfortable position, enduring the unpleasantness to make me happy?  TWO GIRLS!  Because everyone knows, two girls suffering is better than one.  So I decide it's time to make our two girls play well together and make each other uncomfortable.

AJ is wearing a black hobble skirt sent to us by Hottbonds, along with a black corset style top and a pair of super awesome wine colored strappy high heels.  I tie her arms behind her back and make her sit down on a high backed barstool.  Jasmine Valley helps out, wearing a red outfit that has to be seen to be believed.  Red corset, red frilly boy short panties and super high heels look fantastic on this girl.

Anyway, I tie AJ down to the stool by her wrists and a rope across her waist.  Her legs are attached to the backstool next, bound together and down to the crossbar and then back up behind her.  I go ahead and gag her at this point with a big pink handkerchief, wrapping it with black vet wrap.  That's when it's Jasmine's turn.

Her wrists are bound first, of course, followed by her elbows.  Once her arms are well secured, I lift her up onto AJ's lap.  To be safe, I secure them together by the waist first so Jasmine has nowhere to go.  Once that rope is secure, I expose their breasts and remark I wish I had some nipple clamps to hold them together closer.  I bind Jasmine's ankles together, around the stool legs and around AJ's legs as well.  Jasmine gets the ballgag and then I'm done.

Now, to watch them squirm and wriggle and play with each other.  Lots of rubbing and a fair bit of nipple play as well...

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