0013 - AJ Marion & Mr Ogre

25:45 video


Over here at Ogre's World we got in some new rope!  Lily and Aja from Ajarope.com were kind enough to supply us with some new rope for our collection!  AJ wanted us to get some smaller diameter rope so we ordered some 4mm hemp rope from their website and I am so glad she did!  It looks fantastic so we jumped right in shooting it with a clip.

AJ is wearing a really cool looking pinstripe suit with long pants and a long coat.  Her forearms get welded together with a ladder tie.  She wriggles around in this for a short bit and then Ogre starts binding her legs together, from her ankles to her knees.  She struggles around for a while and Ogre decides to tighten those ropes up even tighter so she can't move much at all.  She remains ungagged throughout the clip so she can remark on the properties about the rope.

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