0242 - Skyhigh Heels & Jute for the Secretary - AJ Marion & David Andrews

13:19 video

Starring: AJ Marion & David Andrews

I great David as he walks over the pile of jute and selects a bundle, unfurling it. He reaches down and pulls my hands up in front of me, as if to tie them, then promptly spins me around. I laugh hysterically. David begins tying my wrists behind me. I wiggle and shimmy my knees. I wander around and stretch my arms as he leaves to get a length of rope I did not gather with the rest. I notice and look at the pile.

“Oh I guess I didn’t pick out the right pieces of rope.” I state.

Equipped with the perfect piece of jute David binds my elbows together tightly. I begin my breathing exercises and whine while David cinches down my elbows.

“Ah...that relaxed a little bit.” David comments.

“Says you.” I counter. “My elbows beg to differ.”

I whimper and whine and complain.

“Apparently, I’m going to be whiny in this scene.” I tell David.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m moving right to the gag next.” he practically interrupts.

“I can still whine…” I retort.

“I know…” David sighs and then pinches my nipple.

Next, a ring gag is strapped into my mouth. Partially restrained and my intelligibility impaired, David takes the opportunity to grab and grope me. My ankles are bound together, making it much harder to move around and balance. David gives me a final “once over” before leaving me to explore and endure my bondage

I slowly shimmy and squirm, wary of my reduced stability in the ankle tie. I continue to mewl as I carefully begin rotating myself around. David soon returns and removes the ring gag, but quickly crams a large pair of white panties into my mouth. They are then sealed in with 2” vetwrap wound tightly around my head. David helps me down onto my knees, and I make my way down onto my stomach, squeaking and groaning as I go. The last piece of rope pulls me up into a strict hogtie. I roll around on the ground while David looks on from nearby. Finally, electrical tape is layered over the vetwrap, making the gag even meaner.

Keywords: ring gag, candid, consensual, gag, gal Friday, high heels, pantyhose, rope bondage, secretary, submissive, vetwrap

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