0240 - Terrified Tart in Tights Tormented - AJ Marion & Ben

17:01 video

Starring: AJ Marion & Ben


My wrists are tied behind me and secured around my waist. A red bandanna cleave gag fills my mouth, and I grunt and whimper through it. Ben drags me over towards a table, and I struggle against him. He easily lifts me up and places me on top of the table. I kick my feet helplessly in the air, my shoes lost long ago. Once on the table, he unties the rope around my waist, and then tethers me to the pole at my back. I tug on the ropes and look around frightened. Ben explores my body with his hands, groping my ass, face, and breast. I watch in fear as a drill is plunked onto the table. I squeak as Ben tests out the drill, bringing it noisily to life. I squeal as the cleat is screwed into the wood and finger at the ropes behind me hoping to get something to release. The brute pulls my legs out, then turns to retrieve a piece of rope. I pull my legs up again, bringing them as close to my body as I can. He returns and roughly drags out my legs once again, and makes quick work of binding my ankles. I continue to tug on my wrist rope. My ankles bound, Ben turns his attention to my dress, pulling it up showing my control top. A tool box is brought forth. Ben tosses out several tools, a hacksaw, wrench, saw… pausing briefly to consider a pair of pliers before also chucking them away. I shriek and wail as each implement is flung aside. He finally finds what he is looking for, a box cutter.

Ben shoves the toolbox to the side and reaches up grabbing a handful of my dress. He slices the fabric apart, grips each side, and rips the top of my dress revealing my tits. Ben finishes shredding my dress, leaving me merely in a thong and pantyhose. The remnants of my dress hang from my arms. He pushes all the tools off the table, and they clatter to the floor loudly. Ben stretches my legs out once more and gets another length of rope. This time he cinches the rope just below my knees. Ben’s hands roam my body briefly before even more rope is wound around my thighs. I lean as far away from him as possible as he crams his hand between my legs. Displeased with my positioning, he grabs me harshly by the back of the neck and places me against the pole again. The brute then severely tightens the cinch on my thigh rope drawing a yelp from me.

Ben finishes removing the rest of my dress and sets it aside. The rope wrapped around the pole is untied, and I am lifted and maneuvered further down the table and onto my stomach. A length of rope is looped through my ankle rope and secured to the cleat, requiring me to point my toes. My tops of my feet press firmly into the hard wood. The heels and toes of my pantyhosed feet are filthy. My wrist rope is finally looped through a cleat above my head on the pole, pulling my arm straight up rather stringently. Ben’s hands wander over my body, lingering on my butt. The box cutter is produced from a pocket and used to pierce my pantyhose. They are then pulled apart and peeled down exposing my posterior.

Ben rubs his hands over my bare flesh, giving my butt and back and few light swats. Next, a bundle of rope is used to subject me to stinging strikes on my skin. Finally, the flat of the saw blade smacks with a slight staccato. Done amusing himself with his poor plaything for now, Ben walks away from me, and turns off the lights as he leaves. I’m left to struggle and screech in the dark.


Keywords: ass, panties, cleave gag, clothing destruction, DID, feet, gag, pantyhose, rope bondage, thong, topless, rough body play

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