0239 - Dancer Damsel's Delinquent Dues - AJ Marion & Madalynn Raye

14:05 video

Starring: AJ Marion & Madalynn Raye


I went into the studio to practice for the upcoming theater production I’ve been cast in when I’m accosted by the studio owner, Madalynn Raye. She binds my elbows and wrists and leads me into one of the unused green rooms. She pushes me down on the couch and begins questioning me. I attempt to answer her inquiries, though not understanding where this behavior is coming from. She informs me that my last three payments to her have not cleared. I apologize, as I had no idea, and tell her that I’ll make sure to pay her right away. She’s not hearing any of it! She rubs her hands over my bound arms; then notifies me that more bondage is in store for me.

“But, then you won’t get paid… because I’ll be tied up.” I try to dissuade her.

“Yeah, but my heart will be full, and that’s really, all I need.” she responds with a slight smile. “Revenge.”

She grabs a couple more bundles of rope as I try and continue to apologize and explain. Clearly fed up with my excuses, she wanders over and retrieves a pink pillow gag. She crams the squishy gag into my mouth and fidgets with the strap adjusting the tightness to her preference, and my discomfort. She admires her work for a moment before sitting down and unfurling another piece of rope. I carry on attempting to explain myself and assure Madalynn that I will pay her through my gag.

“I’m sure you will. But, I just have a rage in my heart right now, and I need to satisfy it… by taking out my aggression on you.” she says almost sweetly.

I continue attempting to convince Madalynn to change her course of action, but she will not be dissuaded. She finishes tying my ankles and caresses my legs. She then shakes the final piece of rope at me.

“There’s still more.” she states flatly.

“There is more. I don’t think I need it.” I mumble.

“You don’t think so? I think you do because these legs just look so unbalanced, and we know as a dancer it’s all about balance and aesthetic, right?” she teases. “You have to look good.”

Madalynn binds my legs together just above my knees, then leaves me to check the phones. I wiggle and squirm and shimmy in my bonds. The ropes are very tight and don’t seem to be budging at all. I writhe around on the couch, rubbing my nylon clad legs together, hoping the ropes might slip down.

Madalynn returns with a single short length of rope. She helps me move to the floor on my belly, and gives me a few swats me on the ass for a job well done.

“Do you do this a lot?” I query. “Ah, not as often as you’d think, but I’ve definitely perfected my craft over the years.” she replies.

“I can tell.” I whine back.

Madalynn pulls me up into a hogite, pats me on the head, and leaves me to consider how I’m going to pay her. I roll around on the carpet, pulling and straining against my restraints. I moan and whimper and kick my feet. I wonder when she’s coming back…


Keywords: ass, bit gag, damsel in distress, DID, dancer damsel, gag, gag talk, g/g bondage, leotard, rope bondage, spandex, tights

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