0238 - Barefoot Bare Legged Babe Bound - AJ Marion

9:14 video

Starring: AJ Marion

I’m bound laying on a large log. My ankles are cinched together and pulled down while my arms are pulled towards the ground and around the trunk of the tree. A length of rope between my wrists completes the circle. A cruel crotch rope is attached to a branch high above me, and a panel gag muffles my moans. I squirm and rock very carefully on the log, not wanting to accidentally roll off. I wiggle my toes and shimmy my knees. I whine to the woods in vain. Sometime later, I am moved off the log and into a standing predicament. My elbows are bound tightly behind me and hiked up to a branch above. My wrist rope is attached to a crotch rope that is embedded deep between my ass cheeks. Each tug of my arms digs the rope in a little deeper. I bend and lean and strain against my restraints.

Keywords: ass, barefoot, care legs, damsel in distress, DID, feet, gag, outdoor, rope bondage, shorts, panel gag

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