0236 - AJ & Roxxy Bondage Hangout - AJ Marion & Roxxy

25:30 video

 Starring: AJ Marion & Roxxy

“Roxxy!” I exclaim.

“AJ.” she responds, “hey girl...”

“We’re going to tie you up!” I tell her. She claps and cheers. “I don’t know how we’re going to tie you up yet.” I state as I begin to unfurl a length of rope.

“I love it when she says that to me.” Roxxy informs.

“It is a Monday. Sounds like a nice way to start your fucking weeeeeeek.” I step behind Roxxy and drag a piece of rope under her breasts. “Jiggly boobies!”

I tie a chest harness while we chat back and forth.

“I LOVE tying BOOBIES.” I proclaim.

I use the extra rope from the chest harness to give Roxxy a crotch rope, and then step back and observe my work. Roxxy turns and poses. Spinning around, hand on hip, striking various poses, feeling herself. I walk over and begin to unfurl another bundle of rope.

“Don’t let her fool you. She is not… I’m the good one that follows fucking directions. You are not.” I inform the listener. Roxxy chuckles at my words.

“I was waiting for you to call me out. I’m trying to be so good right now, and she’s going to expose me in a second.” Roxxy smiles back.

I sit in the chair behind Roxxy and wrap rope around her upper thighs just under her buttocks. Once cinched down, I take a step away to survey my rigging.

“Do a little twirl for me.” I instruct Roxxy, and she complies cutely.

“Let’s see; what else do you need?” I question as I retrieve another coil of rope.

We discuss possibilities of the next appendage to restrain.

“Head, shoulders, knees, and hoes.” Roxxy sings.

“Alright, hoe. Sit down please.” I ask her.

Roxxy stumbles backwards, seating herself gracefully. I kneel next to her.

“But I’m being so nice and letting you sit down while I hobble you. And then in a minute, I’m going to tell you to stand up.” I continue binding Roxxy’s legs just above her knees. I crawl around on the floor repositioning myself. Roxxy gets the giggles. I use the rest of the rope to also secure her ankles together. Roxxy shimmies her tits in her blouse.

“I feel like this button is not useful.” she comments while gesturing to her top button.

I reach up, undo the button, and push her blouse apart, “It’s not that it’s not useful, but it’s not necessary!”

Roxxy continues to shimmy her breasts. “Yeeeees… boobies!” I exclaim excitedly.

She scooches around a bit then sits back down. I ponder what I will bind next as I watch her. I lean down and pick up the length of rope I had previously laid aside.

“Not my hands!” Roxxy pleads.

“Well, what should I tie instead then?” I counter.

“I guess my hands then..” she sighs back defeated.

“How about this? I’ll be real nice, and I’ll tie them in front of you.”

“I feel like that’s a good compromise because at least then I can see when I’m trying.” she smiles up at me.

“Mhm.” I grin down at her.

I begin tying Roxxy’s wrists together in front of her. We chat casually about the rope.

“I like how pretty it is against me.” Roxxy confesses with a husky voice.

“It does have a really nice contrast, doesn’t it?” I ask. “So, they’re tied in front of you.” I inform Roxxy as I walk around, pulling her hands up and over her head to be lashed to the chair back behind her. Then, I crouch down in front of her and tighten her crotch rope. I then leave Roxxy to explore her bonds and movement. She comments on her situation, and I respond in kind.

“Well, I guess I need to take some of that away then.” I tell her as I walk over to grab another piece of rope. I pick up the remaining two bundles of rope and wave them at her.

“Alright, so we have a long piece of rope and a short piece of rope; which one do you want? Choose.”

She mumbles apprehensively.

“I mean, pick your poison.” I grin at her.

“Short?” she practically squeaks.

“Which goblet do you want to drink out of?” I gesture with the ropes. “They’re both poisoned, but…” I giggle as I toss the long rope bundle back on the table and uncoil the short one.

I survey the state of the ropes on Roxxy’s body and deliberate how to use this next piece. I twirl the rope absently as I mull over my options. Eventually, I squat down in front of her once more and attach my rope to the middle of her chest harness. I then loop it through her knee rope and pull.

“You don’t have any more in you? You don’t have anymore forward?” I question as I continue to tug on the rope. “Oh, you’ve got knees up though. Yeah, give me those tip toes. I like that.”

“That seems shitty. Let’s do that. Seems like it sucks a little bit.” I comment.

“It does.” Roxxy admits. I burst into raucous laughter.

“YES!” I give a fist pump.

“But my need for approval…” Roxxy laments. I throw my head back, laughing even harder.

“My need to do a good job. Oh…” I sigh at her mockingly. “I, I empathize. I do. Especially because I’m not sure where I’m going to tie this off.” I lock off the rope at her knees.

“Now! What are we gonna do with this?!” I query Roxxy feverishly as I hold up the rope remainder.

“The more excited you get; the more scared I get.” Roxxy giggles nervously.

“That is a correct response to have.” I sit on the floor, stretching out my legs, and lounging back as I view Roxxy’s predicament.

I thread the remainder of the rope under the chair seat, and secure it at her knees.

“Go ahead. Wiggle around.” I instruct her.

She whines about her arms, and we gab about the situation she finds herself in. I tease and mock her. I threaten her with the final piece of rope, but eventually leave her to enjoy and explore her predicament.

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