0235 - Converse, Crop, & Crotch Rope - AJ Marion

5:16 video

Starring: AJ Marion



I’m laying on the floor with my arms pulled straight out to the sides. White rope encircles my wrists and ankles. My legs are raised and slightly spread. I wiggle and squirm, testing out my restraints. I press my hips high up, holding my weight on my ankles and upper back. I my hips side to side. Pressing up. Relaxing down. I kick my legs around and continue playing and exploring my movement.

A crop begins caressing the inside of my thigh. I watch it slide up and down my pantyhose.

Smack. A soft staccato as the leather impacts my leg.

I buck and breathe, centering my focus and waiting for the next swat. The crop strokes the inside of my other leg. Another quick swat! The crop continues to wander over my skin, occasionally striking me. Random in placement and timing. Varying in intensity. I quiver and contract and vocalize.


A spreader bar is tied between my ankles with a line of rope strung up above me and ending in a tight crotch rope. My hips are pulled up off the ground by the crotch rope. I close my eyes and focus intensely on my breathing. The rope is digging deeply into my waist. I swing side to side slightly, wanting to test and press my predicament, but noticing every movement tightening the crotch rope. The longer I hang there the more the ropes cut into my body.



Keywords: consensual bondage, shorts, pantyhose, converse, crop, crotch rope

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