0226 - Sweater Dress Struggle - AJ Marion

12:49 video

Starring: AJ Marion


I was just hanging up a few clothes when someone grabbed and subdued me. Next thing I know, my legs are bound at the ankles and just above my knees. My arms have been threaded through the slats in the chair back with my wrists tied behind me. A bandanna cleave gag is pulled tightly between my teeth. I wiggle and squirm and slide around on the wooden chair in my bonds. I try everything I can think of to try and loosen the ropes, but nothing seems to budge them.

I guess my captor was displeased with all my wriggling as they come and change my bindings. My sweater dress is hiked up, exposing my the gusset of my pantyhose. A crotch rope is pulled snug. My legs are spread wide with my ankles tethered to the back legs drawing them ever so slightly that direction. I continue my writhing, but only succeed in digging the ropes into my flesh more. Who knows how long I’ll be left here to languish…



Keywords: sweater dress, high heels, pantyhose, tights, bondage, damsel in distress, DID, cleave gag, gusset, upskirt

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