0214 - Studio Stretch pt 2 - AJ Marion

17:25 video

Starring: AJ Marion


My reflection can be seen in the wall of mirrors. I pick up a couple bundles of rope, walk back over to the corner of the studio, and seat myself on the floor. I unfurl a length of nylon and begin tying it around my ankle, over the purple legwarmer. Once secured, I lift my leg in the air and gently tug on the rope remainder, pulling my leg closer to my face slightly. Satisfied with my work, I move on to the other leg. I create a similar tie on the other ankle, checking the knotting of the original a few times. I coo and sigh as I work. Then, when my tying is complete, I lay down on the floor, toes pointed.

I raise my right leg high into the air and grab the loose length of rope. I pull lightly on the lashing, using it as I would a strap to intensify the stretch. I alternately bend and straighten my knee, working my strap substitute. I open my leg up to the right, stretching out my groin, flashing my crotch to the viewer. Next, I lift my leg up and cross it over my body to the left. I then roll my hips over a bit more to plant my foot on the floor and lift my ass high in the air. I balance on the tripod I’ve made with my shoulder and feet, and raise my right arm straight up above me. I release down into a twisted stretch. I maneuver myself onto my back, stacking my ankle on my leg, and pull them towards my chest. I vocalize and moan throughout my efforts. I release back down to the ground and repeat the process on the other side.

I stand back up and reposition myself for a wide front straddle stretch. I lean forward with a flat back, wiggling my toes as I hold the stretch. I release and repeat. I until the wraps around my ankles, and toss the pieces aside. I sigh heavily and move around into a head down-kneeling position. I then spend some time flexing and arching through some cat and cow poses, presenting my ass like a bitch in heat. I slide my knees wide apart into a kind of frog pose. Rocking my pelvis back and forth, shifting around the placement of the stretch in my groin. I sit back on my heels and sort through my music looking for a specific beat. Once I find the tempo I’m looking for, I spin around and glance over my shoulder at the reflection of my butt in the mirrors. I begin flexing my ass cheeks. Sometimes alternately. Sometimes together. Sometimes singles. Other times doubles. Lift up slightly. Adding small hip rolls. Leaning forward and rocking back. Bouncing my butt up and down. I finish opening up my hips with a pigeon pose on each side.



Keywords: tights, exercise, leotard, dancer

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