0205 - A Girlfriend's Vindication - AJ Marion & Ser Ursa

14:42 video

Starring: AJ Marion & Ser Ursa


“Right. This. Way sweetie.” Ser Ursa states as she walks me into the studio, my wrists taped together behind me. “Let’s get you on your knees.”


She continues to patronize and tease me about my dancing and life. Ursa maneuvers me onto my belly and grabs a handful of hair as she lays down next to me. Claiming that I’ve been cast in certain parts over another dancer due to her side job.


“Because stupid, judgmental men can’t handle the fact that someone could use their sexuality to make money.” She explains.


She retrieves some thin, black electrical tape from the window sill and begins winding it around my legs, frog tying them. I wiggle and strain against my bonds, as she works. Ser Ursa’s eyes and hands roam my body, noting it’s curves...and flatter areas. She accuses the judges of further discriminating against her girlfriend for having an “unconventional” body type, and admits she’d much rather have them in her clutches. Flipping me back onto my belly, she torments me for her amusement. Pulling my hair. Pinching me. Smacking my ass. Eventually, she decides it’s time to fill my mouth with a bright pink ballgag.


“Awww, you look so cute all trussed up!” She compliments as she slaps my face.


Ser Ursa lifts me to my knees once more, and stands before me, caressing her exposed flesh.


“Have you ever even seen a curvy woman in your line of work? Do they exist? Do you know what a real ass is?” She jiggles her butt cheeks with her hands. “Do you wanna know? I bet you’re at least a little curious. Well you’re going to find out.” She tells me as she grabs a handful of hair and presses my head against her butt.


I’m then lowered onto my back, and Ser Ursa looms above me, a predatory expression on her face. She slings a leg across my torso and gyrates her hips, gradually lowering herself closer and closer to my face. She sits back up, pushes me onto my side, and begins spanking my ass. Her hits getting harder as she goes. Her hands continue to wander over my body, groping my breasts as she passes over them. Growing bored with me, she flips me onto my stomach once more and takes my leather ballet flats! I’m then left to languish alone.




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