• Mid Year 2020 Update (August 5, 2020)

    Hey everyone!  Geez, has 2020 thrown me (and everyone around the world) a serious curveball.  I went from planning tours and starting to collaborate with local creators to cancelling bookings and trying to sort out what kind of solo content I wanted to produce (as well as HOW to shoot it).

    Bouncing back and restructuring all of my systems has defitienly taken some time.  I'm sorry for making all of you wait, and I'm grateful for all of your patience.  I feel like I'm starting to find my flow and you can expect to see more of a presence and availability.

    I hope you enjoy the direction my solo content goes.  I still have a few new damsel and consensual bondage videos with scene partners that I'll be doling out until I'm able to travel and work with other creators again.  Additionally, I've come across some archive Ogre's World footage that I'm looking forward to releasing as well!  So hopefully, I'll still be able to fulfill your bondage and damsel cravings in the meantime.

    Finally, I love hearing from fans regarding what they liked in my videos and images.  Please feel free to send me a note, and maybe you'll see more of that content. *wink*  Until we can all gather and hang out again, take care of your kinky selves!

  • Upcoming Offerings (January 10, 2020)

    Good morning!  I’m exceptionally excited to let you know about some upcoming additions/offerings!  I’m being asked with more frequency about producing custom photos and videos, and I’m thrilled to announce these services will soon be available.  All the information you will need to begin the process of commissioning custom work will be available on the EXTRAS page of my site. I can’t wait to read your scripts and scenarios!


    I’m also simmering on a few more things I’d like to offer...so stay tuned for those announcements as well!


    Bra pantie set on wooden chair in studio, nat light

  • Pause for Life Events (November 24, 2019)

    Good evening everyone.  I regret that I will be missing tomorrow's update. For the last few days, I've been extremely concerned about my cat, Lena. We've been at the vet and specialist all day today with the result probably being a diagnosis of cancer. Needless to say, I'm distraught.  I promise to make up the update in Dec, and maybe send out some extra goodies too once show season is complete and this personal situation calms down/resolves. Thank you very much for your understanding!

  • New England Tour (October 24, 2019)

    Hello everyone!  I recently returned home from a tour of the northeast.  It was fantastic!  Not only did I get to work with two new producers, I got to enjoy the beginnings of the autumnal foliage.


    Side note: I adore fall.  The incredible colors, playing in the fallen leaves, crunching them underfoot.  It brings me immense joy.


    Now, I was a week or two early to get the peak experience, but there were stretches of flaming oranges and golds, green dappled yellows, and deep garnet reds.  It was glorious. Expect a return trip next year...but maybe 10ish days later in the month.


    In addition to working with a couple of producers (don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon), I spent a few days visiting friends...one being Specific Kink!  He was gracious enough to agree to tie me up and shoot a couple videos.  They’ll be released on ajmarion.com in the future; so stay tuned for that.  Until then, here are a couple of sneak peeks for your pleasure…

    SK gal Friday couch sit straps

    SK turquoise strappado


    Let me tell you, it has been a hot second since I’ve really gotten to do ANY bondage, much less strenuous bondage, and Mr Kink put me to work!

    On to the new producers I worked with during the trip.  The first being Kevin of straitjacked.com!


    Truth:  I have perved Kevin’s work for a while.  Gorgeous gals in leotards, catsuits, pantyhose, heels, and tight straitjackets.  Truly, what’s not to like in that scenario?  Bring.  It.  On.


    So, needless to say, when he reached out about working with me, I was ecstatic and jumped at the opportunity.  I got to wear the softest spandex catsuit I think I’ve ever put on as well as some exceptionally tight straitjackets.  I’ve been put in a couple of straitjackets before, but not like this!  I had no idea I’d find myself essentially involved in breathplay!  The straitjackets were SO constricting, I couldn’t take regular breaths, and being released from them was akin to taking off a tightly laced corset, commence corsetgasm.  It was amazing, and...I kind of want to get a straitjacket of my own now.


    Next up on my tour was a model turned producer, Dixie Comet!  Check out thatfetishgirl.com and thatbondagegirl.com for more content starring or produced by her, and of course you know I’ll update you as to when you can find the videos we did together on her site!


    A Look Inside: Just to give you an idea of some of what goes into this work, I started scheduling with Dixie and Nate back in early August.  And, scheduling a couple of months out is not uncommon.  Having my list of people and places, it was a matter of analyzing everyone’s schedule and my route.  For future trips, I plan to move a few things around to make my travel more efficient.  Additionally, there are SO MANY toll roads.  So, I’ll be more diligent with planning my path and try to avoid some of those moving forward because that shit is expensive.  I haven’t totalled it all up yet (notating tour expenses is on my to do still), but I’m certain it’s going to blow my mind.  Oh, and I haven’t even received the 3 or 4 “toll by mail” bills I’m expecting.

    It took shifting things around a few times, but eventually, I got my four destinations sorted.  Now, I’m a road warrior, and am able to drive pretty decent distances in one stretch.  I also recognize what kind of rest I need to recover from those days, and how much work is reasonable to expect.  I allocated a couple of stops for this, booked my accommodations, and voila!  A tour was born.


    For one of the videos with Dixie, I was headed to a Halloween party dressed up as Batgirl!  I wander through the house, looking for other party goers, eventually ending up in the basement. (Clearly nothing untoward is going to happen!)  Suddenly, I’m grabbed from behind by a creepy mask wearing thug!  Bondage and torment ensue!  It was super fun to get to shoot some storyline damsel in distress videos, and I look forward to working with Dixie and Nate again.


    Truth: I was kind of nervous before the shoot.  I’m always a little nervous when working with people for the first time.  I want to do a good job, give them a good product, and establish a positive working relationship.  So, the usual...AND, there was a script page.  It was simple, but there were definitely details I needed to remember.  (This is not usual.  I've just mostly been doing candid consensual or grab and wrestle damsel work as of late.)  Once we got shooting, I relaxed a little, and Nate and Dixie were great with giving direction between cuts.


    Once we were done shooting, I decided to take a walk and enjoy the gorgeous Pittsburgh day.  I wandered around reveling in the sunshine like the flower I am.  It’s always fun to see people watch me.  We spend so much time with our heads down and phones in our faces, seeing someone stand, eyes closed, face to the sun, still, absorbing and smiling, for even a few minutes causes something...curiosity, fascination, confusion.  I’m just happy to make people feel.  To disrupt their regularly scheduled program.  Even if just for a few moments.  

    Pitts Sunshine Tree     Pitts Park Sculpture


    Dinner and packing up for the trip home filled the evening.  Then I was back up at 6a and on the road just before 7a!  It was a beautiful and uneventful trip home.  I had a spectacular time in the northeast, and can’t wait to go back and spend a few more days in each location.  My current plan is to head back that way late April/early May 2020.


    Next up is heading somewhere warm in January, and I currently have my sights set on Texas/the southwest!  Stay tuned for more details about my next tour, and let me know if you’d like me to come to your area.


  • Coming Tweaks (June 17, 2019)

    I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want for ajmarion.com.  What content do I want to shoot and share?  How do I want it to look and function?  How do I want to connect with all of you?

    Things I know:

    I hate updating on Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  There is absolutely no rational reason for this.  I fully admit that.  I LOVE alliteration.  This is probably quite obvious from reading any promotional copy or video descriptions I write.  So, embracing both of these things, I've decided that I'm going to begin updating the site on Mondays for MarionMonday!  Yes, I recognize how extrodinarily dorky this is, and I'm good with it.  This will begin on July 1!  You'll still be getting one update a week with the occasional bonus update, just consistently on Mondays moving forward.  

    Content plans moving forward:

    I've posted a couple of gagged gal Friday videos in the last few months.  One was a candid working voyeur video and the other was a self gagging and reading video.  I'm definitely planning to shoot more of BOTH of these kinds of videos.  I'd love to know what you think of them!  Feel free to email me and let me know your thoughts!  I also have plans for some different solo dancer videos.  Including exercise, stretching, upskirt, cleaning, and whatever else I find myself curious about.  Don't worry!  I'll still be shooting bondage, both consensual and damsel in distress content too.


    I'll be traveling visiting friends every few months, and I'll be sure to let you know who and when.  For those visits, I may be offering limited custom requests, and will announce details at that time.

  • Illness Delays (January 11, 2018)

    Good morning everyone! Unfortunately, I was struck down with the plague for 3 days this week. This means that I'm running just a touch behind on getting this week's update out to you. But don't worry! I'm through the worst of it now, and am getting back to work today. I'm hoping to have an update to you later today, but you may have to wait until tomorrow. I do apologize for the delay, but thank you very much for your patience!

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