0068 - AJ Marion & David Andrews

13:08 video

I've just finished a long day in the studio, and am looking forward to relaxing a little when a man enters, grabs me, and pins me to the floor. I struggle and strain against him trying to break free. I kick my legs and shimmy my shoulders hoping to slip the grip of my captor, but my attempts are futile. The man makes quick work of binding my wrists, and then XXXX a ballgag in my mouth, between my teeth. He runs his hands over my tights covered thighs briefly before retrieving more rope to restrain me. A length of rope is added to each leg securing them in a frogtie position.

I grunt and moan through my gag as I squirm on the carpet. My mobility severely hampered, I am hoisted up to a sitting position. A single, large hand encircles my elbows, pressing them firmly together as even more rope is added.

"Look at you being all defiant." He states calmly while XXXX my face into the couch cushions, holding me down by my neck. My elbow lashing is hooked over each shoulder, threaded through my wrist binding, and attached to the shoulder harness, pulling my arms up. Pleased with his work, my assailant gropes me and smacks my leotard clad ass a few times, then leaves me to search the house.

I whine and mewl into my gag, shaking my butt, leaning onto the couch. Straining and struggling, I slide to the floor. I kick up to knee point and balance, teetering back and forth with tiny steps. Eventually tiring, I fall back onto my butt, exasperated. Soon, the man returns, wrapping a hand around my throat.

“Hey, you want to have some fun?” He asks. “I mean we're got you tied all super convenient.”

He lifts me up, pinching my nipples, evoking cries from me. A few final swats and grabs, and I am once again left to my predicament. I fold down to the carpet, lifting my arms high in the air. I balance and walk around in a variety of positions, but none provide any release. My right leg rope finally begins to loosen just as the thief reappears to check on me.

I squeal and kick at the masked man.

“Oh you want to fight? Do you?” he lifts me and lays me on the floor, hands exploring my body, lingering in locations.

“I mean…if you want to...I can hang out a little bit longer I guess. I was just going to take your stuff, but if you want some attention...” he says nonchalantly.


A few casual swats land before he stands and departs once more. I roll around on the rug, lifting my rump, rocking my hips right and left. Flipping over to my back, I press my arms into the floor and raise myself into a shoulder stand. My antics and acrobatics continue until I'm lifted and carried away weeping...

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